1. Synthesis of environmental friendly PCM from natural and waste products

2. Innovative microencapsulation of organic PCM, including the use of UV (Patented technique)

3. Production of Phasefoam, an innovative PCM containing expandable polyurethane foam (Patented technique).

4. Energy saving in buildings through the application of energy storage

5. Computer simulation of thermal performance of buildings

6. Use of PCM in underground Heat Pump

7. Design of PCM heat excanger

8. Sustaining cold environment during food storage and transportation

9. On farm cooling of milk using innovative ice banks designed and manufactured in New Zealand

10. Modifying fridge and freezer to operate with interruptive power cut

11. Transportation of vaccines, enzyme, organ and any temperature sensitive materials.

12. Keeping food warm during food delivery

13. Passive cooling of electronic devices

14. Lap top cooler

15. Compressed air energy storage for industrial application

16. Medical applications

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PhaseFoam – PCM Containing Expandable Polyurethane Foams for:
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1.   Energy Efficient Wallboard Systems
2.   For Improved Refrigeration Efficiency