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Professor Mohammed Farid

Director, Sahara Technologies Limited

We are led by Professor Mohammed Farid, an internationally acclaimed researcher who is a global icon for his work in the areas of energy storage and food processing. He is a Professor in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Auckland. Having over 40 years of experience in supervision and consultancy, Professor Farid is the founder of Sahara Technologies Limited. An awardee of several international lifetime achievement awards, he is known for his jargon-free approach of organizing processes/institutions. He has helped several small scale and large scale industries in inventing, improving and documenting of processes. Being a subject matter expert he has also trained several industrialist and workers in optimization of industrial processes.

Our Passion

At Sahara Technologies Limited we are very passionate about solving your problems in a way that it helps you solve them later yourself. Our transparent approach and communication make sure that you learn what is being done and why. This is so that it aids your learning and
you can follow similar approaches on confronting similar problems in future. We also pay attention to every minute detail of your requirements so that the overall outcome is never compromised.
We will work with you in finding the most innovative and cost effective solutions. We are committed to you and are focused on bringing high quality outcomes that promote your company in reaching greater heights.

Our Goals

We believe in building a collaborative relationship with our clients to ensure our recommendations are accurate. This helps our clients to follow the recommendations and adopt the changes essential to improving themselves. We also understand that the requirements of each client is different and we strive in finding solutions that fit your situation the best. Symbiotic growth is at the core of our values. We persevere in finding
effective solutions and suggest changes that are least disruptive to the existing systems.

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